Here are some “frequently asked questions” we have received  over the phone.

  1. Q.1

I feel my partner is seeing someone else, will you follow them for the

next week, 24 hours a day..

  1. A.

YES WE CAN,  but :-

Unless you are a millionaire, NO, you can’t afford it,  If you think surveillance is just as on tv, you’re completely wrong. It takes a  team of experienced operatives to do so, one person cannot follow one other     person who is driving a car. ( walking on foot - or from a bus stop- possibly )  to do so properly by vehicle  requires a team, a full team consists of :-   at least :-

1 motorcyclist, with passenger, 1  van with driver + video operator, 3 cars one with female passenger, radios, all agents with body worn video, mobiles,etc, etc.

However, if you know where the subject/partner is going,

one agent may be able to go to that address and wait for their arrival, and if conditions allow, take photographs or video of their arrival, ( on day/date generated film), which may be used later at Court.

( all relevant Laws permitting)

This can be done, evidentially, for several nights, days, periods etc, whatever the problem involves, and a Report given along with the filmed evidence. 


FIRSTLY....Consult your Solicitor,

you may not even need this evidence and may already have sufficient reasons to go straight for a divorce......( if your solicitor feels it would assist, then return to us..or consult another Investigator..)



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