FAQ Continued

Q. 2 

I believe my partner is being unfaithful, I have their mobile with me, can you get into it and download their texts, emails I can see what’s going on...

  1. A.

NO, THEIR phone is not YOURS, ( unless you bought it, and they are using it in the knowledge it is still YOUR property and YOU  are paying the bills),  (even this may be questioned at court)   the information contained on someone else’s mobile is Data Protected and you can not just ‘hack into it’...( have you been reading the papers and watching tv lately.)...???

A short period of surveillance may assist, ( see above question) ...


Q. 3

We are going through a divorce/ likely to go through a divorce..I think my partner has been lying to me about their finances..they are away for 2 weeks, I have their laptop with all their bank statements on it, but it is Password Protected.. can you hack into it and copy it out for me or download it to a dongle or something, as I’m no good with computers...


Again, NO, this is Data Protected information on someone else’s computer,  ( also involved is Computer Misuse etc etc)  even if you did this, and then gave it to your solicitor to use in Court, your Solicitor would have to immediately tell your partners solicitor and hand over all the disks,hard drives,hard paper copies etc, - and the information  so gained,  cannot be used in Court.

However, your solicitor could obtain from the Court an Order that your partner divulge it from that computer anyway.. (get the Order whilst they are away),  and serve it on them immediately they return, along with the Computer, and have your computer expert standing by to download it for you RIGHT THERE & THEN to a safe computer for later investigation.

The Court may allow you to download it whilst the person is away from this country, (but a bit unlikely if they have not had chance to question the Order or appeal against it yet.)   It would depend on your reasons for doing so.....Consult your solicitor first.


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