I think my partner is being unfaithful, I followed her/him  to a pub car park recently, I saw her/him sitting in a the passenger seat of another car, I have the car make, colour and reg’ number, can you get the ownership details for me so I can go and watch their house to see if what’s going on.



Car ownership information is Data Protected, you can only obtain it when you have ‘reasonable cause to do so’, ie, :-

if that car has hit your car, or caused you injury and has driven away without providing you with driver/owner details.

You can then write to DVLA enclosing the fee, and your reasons for needing this information, and if they decide your reasons are sufficient, they write back to you with the information.   

Otherwise, no, you cannot get it.


(  Do not make up a story so that DVLA give you the information, you will be breaking several laws and will end up in court, or worse, in prison).

( A short period of surveillance may be called for, see above...)...



I loaned a friend  £9,000.00  cash just over 6 months ago, and they said they would repay me with a bit of interest when they had got back on their feet, about 6 months has gone by now, and they haven't been in touch or paid me anything yet,  I have their address and they still live there..

What can I do about getting my money back. I trusted them, so I didn’t get any agreement or receipt.


You're in a difficult position :-

there is no proof you gave them the money, no agreement on which to base your rights to return of the money,  or the interest promised, no time limit on your ‘loan to them’ or time as to when the monies were to begin to be repaid...

(  Plus- I don’t suppose you are a Registered Money Lender).?

Did you simply hand them the cash, if so, there is little proof there was ever any transaction...

or ( hopefully )   did you send it by BACS to their bank, or give them as cheque, .. either way will at least prove there was a transaction..

If there is no Witness to you handing over the money to them and who heard the agreement you both made,  you can only appeal to them to repay you as agreed, but first consult a solicitor.

You could suggest to your Solicitor, that you arrange a meeting with this person, and  have an investigator accompany you when you speak to them, so you can go through the method of you having loaned them the cash and the repayment arrangements you both agreed, which will in itself provide some confirmation of the loan and ask for its return. :-

this meeting may be sufficient to get a promise of payment- 


reasons why they have not yet begun repayments,

Speak with a Solicitor now.   

    Do not approach those you loaned to  until you have done so..


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