I instructed a Process Server who I contacted through the WEB, and sent him a Statutory Demand to serve on someone over an outstanding debt, he emailed me telling me he had served it by putting it through the door at this persons address, I paid him by cheque, which has been banked through a ‘Cheque Shop’ but I never received any forms stating he had served it, and I cannot now get any reply from him as his email address & mobile number  appears dead.

What can I do to get my money back from the Process Server, and/or obtain the necessary paperwork from him to show the Demand was served, so I can take any necessary next steps with this debtor.....


If you cannot make contact with him, and because of the way he cashed your cheque you cannot contact him via his bank account,& have no address for him, and received no report nor Statement confirming his method of service- you are stuck.

To prove service you need some evidence from him as to why he did not serve it personally, and why he served by ‘Letter Box Service’,... without either, you are in difficulty......

Firstly, contact the Court in which the action was to take place and ask if they have had any documentation from the Process Server, ( he may have sent it there by mistake) or from the debtor from the date of ‘service’ trying to ‘set aside’ your Demand, if so you may be able to proceed as in doing so the debtor has confirmed receipt of your Demand.

If nothing has been received by the Court from your Process Server or from the Debtor, you are not in a position to proceed from that ‘so called service’ as you cannot prove service.

You could contact the Office of Fair Trading and complain, they will keep his details on file but thats all, if he belonged to no known Associations, you cannot complain or make contact there either.

If he belongs to any of the above -named Associations you may be able to contact him via them, try calling their numbers and outlining your problem, they may be able to re-connect you with your missing agent.( he may have simply moved addresses, and/ or changed Trading names etc..

If not- It appears you have lost your money, and will have to begin the process all over again.. with Service of a new Demand... and hopefully, a more professional Process Server...Contact one of the Associations on our list.....

Read the above  information......


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