Just to save time:-

Some questions to ask yourself before engaging any Investigator  and/or  paying over any money..


if you know a solicitor, call them / discuss your problem, if your solicitor feels an investigator can help, ask if they can recommend one to you..( they may have used one previously ) also- you may feel happier if your solicitor controls the instructions for you,..    if so, go via that route....

THEN....if you wish to proceed yourself...

Before calling them, ....   YOU SHOULD ...Make Notes of what your enquiry entails...


            be clear about the matter you need investigated,

            set time and cost parameters,

            ensure you have a proper address for them, (  to enable you to obtain reports - etc etc)..

then, write / or email  them, setting out what you have both agreed..

stating that enquiries are to start ONLY -when you are both in agreement as to your requirements,                                                                    and - what the investigators state can be achieved..

( not all your requirements may be legally obtainable / or in fact, achievable,  and you will have to come to an agreement as to what can be legally achieved..)

state categorically you do not want them to break / bend any laws whatsoever- this will prejudice your case / and you / and them..... should this happen...

                (see below for a variety of previous requests)..


AGREE PART PAYMENTS FOR WORK DONE AS IT is normal to require a down payment from you in good faith, especially if you are coming to them for the first time through the web, if you go to them through your solicitor, he will keep control of payments and possibly agree a ‘fee limit’ is imposed throughout...


your name and address, your telephone contact number, email address, etc..

they will ask questions of you... ( or should do )   to verify you have the right to be obtaining the answers you seek..and your reasons for doing so...

if there is an ongoing Court matter, they may need to see your Court paperwork to assist them in verifying your requirements...

IF YOU HAVE FOUND AN INVESTIGATOR THROUGH THE   WWW,    or your local free newspaper. etc,etc...

WORRY... IF...

        they are contactable only via e-mail or mobile, ( why do they have no proper address )

        IE :- 

        IF things go wrong and you wish to complain about them, CAN YOU, ...    

        are they members of any known Association who can take them to task for you...

Here are a small selection of those Associations..

Association of British Investigators.                      ( ABI  )    UK based.   01253 297502

Institute of Professional Investigators.                   ( IPI )   UK based.     0870 330 8622

World Association of Professional Investigators.  ( WAPI ) UK based.

World Association of Detectives.      ( they are in America ), have agents world wide,

Ex - Police in Industry and Commerce.  ( EPIC )  UK based.

National Association of Retired Police Officers.  ( NARPO ).  UK based.

( many investigators will be members of more than one of the above)  -  ( as are we)

( if you wish-  ring the Associations they profess belonging  to- they will  usually be able to assist you in verification of their membership.)

        can the Association state they are a ‘Member in Good Standing’ with them at this time...

        has that Association verified their background, experience, trading manner, Criminal history, etc

also- are they registered with the Data Commissioner and have a Registration Number with them,      

this will/should be shown on their website information, as will any VAT number (if they are charging it-)

- you can then make further checks on  both at the Office of the Data Commissioner  - 01625- 545740- and the Vat office in whichever area it is-  to ensure this is true)


        have they passed any known examination to become an Investigator, or..

        has their past work history rendered them suitably trained by work experience for your enquiry...


        do they have sufficient knowledge & expertise to carry out the work you require.


    (   I hope this assists you in finding your Investigator/Process Server...)

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